Antibiotic resistance among Ureaplasma spp. isolates: cause for concern?

Antibiotic resistance among Ureaplasma spp. isolates: cause for concern? 
M. L. Beeton1* and O. B. Spiller2 1 Department of Biomedical Sciences, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Western Avenue, Cardiff CF5 2YB, UK; 2 Division of Infection and Immunity, Cardiff University, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff CF14 4XN, UK

In the clinical setting, commercial kits provide reliable, sensitive detection in 24 –48 h and give important guidance for therapeutic treatment in resistant infection. Furthermore, they require no specialist equipment, reagents or training. Scrutiny of the commercial kits in Table 1 identifies the Myco Well D-One as the only one that utilizes the CLSI breakpoints for antibiotic concentrations, and it additionally identifies Gardnerella vaginalis, Trichomonas vaginalis and Candida albicans (all relevant to common genitourinary clinical investigation)…….

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